Welcome to our site,,nl,With our groomed Cruiser you can enjoy your free time,,nl,Our boat is equipped with all kinds of luxury such as heating, a refrigerator and TV ect,,nl,The Boat is ideal for the novice water sports enthusiast,,nl,easy to navigate and budget-friendly,,nl,A boat license is not required,,nl,For people who have never sailed before,,nl,it is only a small step to discover the world from the water,,nl,Our cruiser is also very popular with the more experienced water sports enthusiasts,,nl,This is because the boat is compact and yet spacious due to its layout,,nl,With its low clearance height, many sailing routes are possible,,nl.

With our well-maintained Cruiser you can enjoy your free time.

From Mantgum you are on the Elfstedentocht route between Leeuwarden and Sneek in half an hour..
Our boat is equipped with all kinds of luxuries such as heating and a refrigerator, TV and from this year also with bow thruster.

The boat is ideal for the novice water sports enthusiast: easy to sail and budget attractive and a license is not necessary.
Voor mensen die nog nooit gevaren hebben, is het nog maar een kleine stap de wereld te gaan ontdekken vanaf het water.

Onze kruiser is echter ook zeer geliefd bij de meer ervaren watersporters.
Dit komt doordat de boot compact en door zijn indeling toch ruim is.
Met z’n lage doorvaarthoogte zijn er zeer veel vaarroutes mogelijk.


We hope to welcome you soon and to be able to deliver a successful holiday!