Bridges & Locks

Ook in Friesland: bridges and locks
If you sail, you can not escape to: bridges and locks in Friesland. Also in Friesland you have your boat these bridges and sluices then your trip across the water to continue. Almanac 2 and the ANWB maps inform you exactly where you may encounter bridges and locks in Friesland, and that you should take into account there.
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In Almanac 2 bridges and headways reported to the appropriate place and water names. The ANWB water charts show you where bridges are and what the headroom it is. The letter H refers to a fixed bridge, the letters BB to a movable bridge. The vertical clearance of your motor is calculated from the water level to the highest point, exclusive folding or removable parts as carrier racks, masts and decks. Normally regulate the passage of light signals with movable bridges and shipping marks (red white signs) those with fixed bruggen.Bruggeld you pay at many municipal bridges. The rates can be found in Almanac 2 or at the bridge that you must pass. Please always enough coins on hand for the lump on the rod.

Also locks temporarily interrupt your cruise. In Almanac 2 and the ANWB navigation charts can be found the length and breadth of all locks. Because the height is generally small, provides the passage few problems. Returns the lock keeper a sign, then you sail into the lock. Prevent damage to your motor by placing pads, keep the lines ready and the instructions of the lock operator to follow. It can be very busy in sluis.Nog some tips. Located in the commercial shipping lock, wait until the water has calmed down and sail off until the cargo has passed the sluice gate. Give each crew member a fixed task, Use a boat hook, keep your hands between motor and lock wall and do not jump from the boat on the lock wall. If you follow these tips, all will be well.