EXPERIENCE AND instruction

No license is required for our cruiser,,nl,You can,,nl,book through the booking engine,,nl,The cruiser is ALL RISK insured,,nl,The cruisers are fully equipped for four people,,nl. Before the departure, the tenant is instructed about the function and operation of the ship. If you have little or no experience, then there is possibility to take a sailing course on the first sailing day. (see also Instructions Tengro cruiser).

Sailing area

All Dutch waterways. For the IJsselmeer and the great rivers, you must have permission from the landlord. Navigating the Wadden Sea is not permitted.

Waterways we can send advance, fee, home so you can plan a nice route. See our shipping lanes


U kunt reserveren via de boekingsmodule, on this website.


Uw reservering is definitief als 50% the rent is paid to us. remainder of the rent 50% serves 3 weeks before departure to be paid to us.


Our Cruisers are located in Wergea where you moves away and the ship brings back again.


De kruiser is ALL RISK verzekerd. Excess from € 300,-. This amount can be paid in cash as a deposit on departure. This deposit you will receive a course back when the ship clean, accident and complete inventory again delivers. In late return of the boat, the landlord has the right € 45,- for each hour late, to charge.


De kruisers zijn compleet ingericht voor vier personen. The only thing you need to bring are; sleeping bags / blankets or comforters,sleeping pillows towels / tea towels.

Wearing boat shoes or sneakers is recommended.


Additional costs will be borne by the tenant:

Consumption of fuel and gas

Need an havengelden

recommended but not required: cancellation 5,00% of the rent

Cleaning. We expect you to ship on return from the inside out just as clean as you received from us. You can also let you do the cleaning from € by us 45,-

Park that car

In our port is ample parking. Parking is free and on a closed area. Parking is of course at your own risk.


The pets are not allowed taps.